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Remove Jewelry During Tasks – When carrying out physical tasks such as cleaning, kitchen work, and gardening, remove your jewelry to prevent damage or exposure to chemical reactions. 



Apply Makeup Before Wearing of Jewelry  – Cosmetics, hairspray, perfumes and other beauty products can often contain chemicals that can damage jewelry.



Avoid Jewelry Wear In Swimming Pools and Spas – Chlorinated water can cause chemical reactions with the metals found in jewelry causing color changes and other damage. 



Sports and Your Jewelry May Not Be A Good Match – Remove all jewelry during any participation in sports. Jewelry can be unexpectedly damaged in the heat of a game. 



No Jewelry When Bathing – Remove all jewelry before showering, cleaning, or bathing. Soap and cleaning products can cause cosmetic damage to jewelry, making the appearance of your pieces dull.



For Best Results, Use Polishing Cloth – Polish silver or gold with a jewelry polishing cloth for best results. 



Do Not Bleach – Never bleach your jewelry or use any unknown cleaning chemicals. For your and your jewelry's safety, always use trusted jewelry cleaning products.



Use Warm Water for Cleaning –  Warm water generally provides the best result when it comes to cleaning jewelry. Never use hot water for cleaning.



Avoid Cleaning or Handling Damaged Jewelry – If a piece of jewelry requires professional repair, set it aside and avoid any cleaning and handling.



Secure Your Jewelry –  When not in use, store your jewelry in jewelry cases or containers. Careless storage is what usually leads to wear, tear, and broken parts.



Prevent Your Jewelry from Tarnishing – Precious metal tarnish easily when they are not regularly worn. The use of anti-tarnish strips in your storage container or other methods can prevent this problem.



Use a Case When Travelling – A small travel case may be a good investment for your jewelry when on vacation. 





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