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Hello there! My name is Caroline Simpson, originally born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. I have been a passionate artist since my childhood, pursuing my dream of becoming a masterful and meaningful jewelry artist. I currently live and work in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. 

My Philadelphia-based jewelry studio explores the possibilities that are created by merging traditional jewelry-making and 3D digital fabrication. My passion is in creating designs that inspire ingenuity, empower individuality, and stimulate appreciation of the natural complexities we often overlook. 

MARIE JUNE Jewelry is an ethical, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible small business. From jewelry design to order fulfillment,

I design everything and I run all aspects of this small business myself! Your jewelry is 3D-printed & handcrafted by myself and my partner jewelers. I only work with a select few jewelers whom I know to be reputable and ethical. Customer happiness and product quality are the core values of my studio. Therefore, MARIE JUNE is constantly in the search of artwork that excites contemplation and joyfulness. 

Story Time

Who are you? Where are you located?

Hi! My name is Caroline Simpson, originally born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. I am a graduate of Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, from where I had received my degree in Metals, Jewelry, and CAD/CAM. I have been a passionate artist since my childhood, pursuing my dream of becoming a masterful jewelry artist into my adulthood. Upon graduation, I quickly started my own design studio, and I currently live and work in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. 

I am a digital fabrication and handcraft jewelry artist. My studio MARIE JUNE Jewelry explores the possibilities of coalescing traditional jewelry-making and 3D digital fabrication. The materials of my artwork vary greatly as I enjoy exploring new possibilities of jewelry making. The majority of my current work is brass-based and 18k gold-plate, sterling silver, epoxy resin, and 3D-printed nylon. Currently, my favorite sculpting computer programs to use are Rhinoceros and Zbrush. With these programs, I am usually able to create 3D prototypes exactly as my sketch designs. After my 3D designs are fabricated by one of the different techniques I may use, they would then undergo stringent refinement and quality control at my studio - and this is the part where I combine traditional bench skills with digital fabrication. I typically perform polishing & finishing, stone-setting, etching, enameling, etc. to my digital artwork to complete my designs. When off business hours, I enjoy spending time making personal art pieces, hiking, and traveling.

What's the story behind your designs?

The ideas of my first collection, Viscosity, came from my undergraduate thesis of fluid dynamics that I worked on for about two years. Viscosity describes fluid’s resistance to flow. The higher this resistance, the ‘thicker’ and the slower the flow of the fluid would be. At one point, I was particularly fascinated by honey. I was very interested in its color, form, and slow movement due to its high viscosity. Eventually, these inspirations translated into my desire to capture the flowing of molten metals. As I was also fascinated by photography’s ability to capture moments in time, the Viscosity collection is effectively a series of moments of melting metals with high viscosity – that was captured in time. Generally, I am most inspired by nature and photography. I love finding inspiration by being in and interacting with natural environments. And as mentioned, I have always been fascinated by photography’s power to capture a frozen moment in time that you can always go back to and look at. When I create my jewelry, it's my passion to make sure that each item is one of these special "frozen moments" that will be able to bring the wearer joy and inspiration. 

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