Caroline Marie June Simpson

Jewelry Designer

Hello there! My name is Caroline Simpson, originally from Virginia Beach, VA. I have been a passionate artist since my childhood, pursuing my dream of becoming a masterful and meaningful jewelry artist. Shortly after graduating from college in Philadelphia with a degree in Metals, Jewelry, and CAD/CAM, I started my own design studio. The last of my grandmothers passed away around the time of my graduation. In loving memory and in honor of both of my grandmothers, I started and named my studio Marie June Jewelry. My Philadelphia-based jewelry studio explores the possibilities that are created by merging traditional jewelry-making and 3D digital fabrication. My passion is in creating designs that inspire ingenuity and empower individuality.

MARIE JUNE Jewelry strives to be an ethical, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible small business. From jewelry design to order fulfillment, I run all aspects of this small business from my Philadelphia studio. Your jewelry is 3D-printed & handcrafted by myself and my partner jewelers. I only work with a select few jewelers whom I know to be reputable and ethical. Customer happiness and product quality are the core values of my studio. Therefore, MARIE JUNE is constantly in the search of artwork that excites contemplation and joyfulness. 


​​​​​​The ideas of my Viscosity / Dripping designs came from my undergraduate thesis of fluid dynamics that I worked on for about 2-3 years. Viscosity describes a fluid’s resistance to flow. At one point, I was particularly fascinated by honey. I was very interested in its color, form, and slow movement due to its high viscosity. Eventually, these inspirations translated into my desire to capture the flowing of molten metals. As I was also fascinated by photography’s ability to capture moments in time, the Viscosity collection is effectively a series of moments of molten metals with high viscosity – that was captured in time. When I create my jewelry, it's my passion to make sure that each item is one of these special "frozen moments" that will be able to bring the wearer joy and inspiration.