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Monkey Paw Knot Necklace


| Knot: Brass-Based and 18k Yellow Gold-Plated

| Chain: Brass-Based and 14k Yellow Gold-Plated

| The Charm is Approximately 8mm (0.3in) in Diameter with a 40.6cm (16in) Omega Chain.

This mysteriously alluring necklace found its inspiration from the monkey paw knot. The monkey paw knot is typically tied at the end of a rope to serve as a weight, making it easier to throw. It was also used in the past as an anchor in rock climbing, by stuffing it into a crack. The monkey paw knot designs in the RUBAN Collection are made to celebrate the fascinating combination of beauty and practicality. This necklace is beautifully gold-plated and carefully polished to perfection. Gift wrapping and special customizations available upon request.

Monkey Paw Knot | Gold | Necklace

$129.00 Regular Price
$89.00Sale Price